Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Car Hire Made Easy: Be a Good Passenger

There are quite a lot of things that will work in your favor when you get a car for hire in Singapore by being a good passenger. You will be able to enjoy the trip better and some a lot of time and money if you display your good charm during the trip.

You should first of all take a look at the route map in advance, sit back, and relax. You will have a list of places where you want to be during the trip. You might want to visit a set of places every day. If you’re traveling with your friends and someone else in your group happen to be the one behind the wheels, you should give the person adequate freedom during the trips. You should not keep asking the person to change routes often. You should not try to navigate the car sitting in the passenger seat. Asking the person to slow down, change gears, or do anything else will all make the trip uncomfortable for all of you.

When you choose budget car rental Singapore, you would definitely want to enjoy your trips at wallet friendly rates. You would wantto visit as many places as possible during the trip and have a good time. To make this happen, you should make sure that you do not nag the person driving the car every now and then. You should not take out your mobile phones or tablets and go through videos or pictures and try to distract the person driving the car. Singapore is a country that experiences a lot of traffic especially during the peak hours. If you keep distracting the driver, you might even become a reason for road mishaps. It would always be better to stay relaxed and allow the person behind the wheels also to concentrate well on the road.

Do not use your phone while driving. This is not only an antic that will attract penalties but also something that will cause a lot of trouble during the drives.

When you choose daily or weekly rental car Singapore, you will be able to enjoy your trips to the core if you choose to be a good passenger. Fasten your seat belts and simply enjoy the beauty of the rides! 

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

What makes Singapore an amazing getaway destination?

Singapore is one of the best places to enjoy a splendid vacation to forget about your daily work hassles. Here are some of the reasons that make the country a hot favorite of global travelers.

#1 The pleasant climate

The climate of Singapore is pretty uniform all through the year. The days are quite warm and you might experience drizzles often but it will never spoil the fun you intend to have in the country. There are no extreme climate changes in the country any time during the year which makes it one of the most ideal places to spend you much needed getaway.

#2 The splendid entertainment options

The country has plenty of fun options to people of all age groups. If you’re on a vacation trip with family, you will have an amazing time at the universal studios. Your kids will love the place for sure and you will be able to enjoy some quality time with your dear ones. If you want to enjoy some time getting close with nature, you can go on a night safari, visit the zoo, or take a stroll through the botanic gardens. You can also go on long drives through the expressways to enjoy an amazing road trip with friends. If you’re planning to stay back in the country for a long duration going for monthly car hire Singapore will make your trips absolutely hassle free and full of fun.

#3 The amazing facilities on offer

You will be able enjoy your stay in topnotch hotels or resorts when you visit the country. You will be able to order the tastiest cuisines from the elegant restaurants in the country too. If you want to keep the expenses low, you can go for shared apartments for accommodation and hawker stalls for food. The country offers amazing facilities for all sorts of people!

#4 The amazing nightlife

All you need to do is to rent a car in Singapore in order to enjoy the nightlife in the country to the fullest. The country hardly sleeps and you will definitely enjoy your time partying at the nightclubs, pubs, and bars during your visit to the island nation.  You will be able to save a lot of time and have double the fun if you choose car rental Singapore over public transport facilities. Places like Orchard road, Geylang road, and the bay area are the best places to enjoy nightlife. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Different Car Rental for Different People

#1 If you love long drives

If you want to rent a car in Singapore to go on long drives, you should give a lot of importance to the driving comfort. You should make sure that the car you choose offers a decent engine displacement and good power. The fuel economy should also be nominal if you want to keep the costs low during the road trips.

#2 If you plan to stay within city limits

Singapore is a very busy city and there would be a long line of cars on the roads during peak traffic hours. If you need a car for hire in Singapore to stay within the city limits during the major part of the trip, it would be ideal to choose a hatchback or a compact sedan. Driving SUVs and long sedans would be difficult within city limits.

#3 If you want to enjoy true elegance behind the wheel

If you’re someone who loves to enjoy each and every mile that you drive, you should go for one of premium cars available in the country from a reputed automobile manufacturer. You can enjoy a real splendid driving experience if you rent a posh luxury car or a sports car from a reputed provider.

#4 If you’re traveling with a large group

If you’re traveling with a large group, you should consider quite a lot of factors before choosing a car rental Singapore. The car you choose to drive during the trip should be able to accommodate the entire group comfortably and also your baggage. You should also check out the fuel economy of the vehicle. If you choose a compact SUV or a MUV, you will be able to travel with a large group of people comfortably without having to spend a lot of money.

#5 If you want to go on a romantic drive

If you’re planning to go on a romantic drive with your special friend during your trip, you have some amazing options to choose from in Singapore. There are many amazing coupes available from reputed automobile brands and some splendid convertibles. You’ll be able to enjoy some real special moments if you choose an elegant car for the drives with your special one. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

10 Ways to Save on Gas in Rented Car

#1 Choosing a compact car

Choosing a compact car in Singapore will help you to drive through the city roads in a fuel efficient manner. You will be able to avoid shifting gears too many times and navigate easily if the car size is small.

#2 Checking for fuel efficiency

When you hire a car in Singapore, you should check for fuel efficiency without fail. You can get the details from the executives at the rental company. Making a list of fuel efficient cars available in Singapore before approaching the rental company is also a wise thing to do.

#3 Verifying engine condition

You should make sure that the engine of the car you get for rent is of immaculate condition. If you hear abnormal noises when you change gears or apply throttle, the engine might not be of good condition. This might become the reason to burn a lot of fuel.

#4 Checking tire pressure

Make sure that the tire pressure is optimum before driving the vehicle out of the garage. Tire pressure plays a significant role in keeping the fuel economy rates nominal.

#5 Planning your trip well

When you go for budget car hire Singapore, you will be able to keep expenses low only if you keep the fuel expenses low. Plan your trip in advance and avoid unnecessary route changes in order to avoid excess fuel expenses.

#6 Using GPS navigation

You should install GPS navigation system in the car in order to take the shortest routes in the country. You will be able to save a lot of bucks if you do this.

#7 Maintaining fuel economic speeds

Even if you’re traveling with young drivers or experiences drivers, you should maintain fuel economic speeds in order to avoid burning a lot of fuel. Maintaining speeds of 50-70kmph would be ideal in order to keep fuel expenses optimal.

#8 Filling fuel during the evenings

If you fill fuel during the hot humid day hours, you might end up burning a lot of extra fuel in the process. Choose evening hours to fill fuel and make sure that you fill adequate fuel for a day or 2 at least.

#9 Maintaining a safe distance on the road

You should not drive too close to the vehicle in front of you in the city roads and expressways. Applying brakes all of sudden and too many gear shifts in a short period of time can cause excess burning of fuel.

#10 Following the fuel policy

You should follow the fuel policy as stipulated by the rental company in order to avoid excess fuel charges. You should maintain a certain amount of fuel when you return the vehicle in order to avoid fines. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hire a car for a week with Aglowcarrental Singapore

#1 The specialties

You might come across the names of plenty of rental companies in Singapore but Aglowcarrental is definitely different. You get to choose your favorite car from a plethora of options if you choose this rental company. The popular brands of hatchbacks, luxury SUVs, executive sedans, coupes, and the most stylish sports cars are part of the fleet at Aglowcarrental. Be it for a family vacation or a business trip, you will be able to choose a car that exactly matches with your expectations if you choose this rental provider. You will also be able to opt for airport transfer services and chauffeur-driven services at nominal rates if you need these facilities.You will never be short of options if you choose this rental company for weekly rentals.

#2 Easy booking options

You are provided with easy booking options by this rental provider. You can place your bookings even before you board the flight from your homecountry. You can use the online portals to go through the list of options available in your preferred segment and book the one of your choice. If you’re looking for cheap car hire in Singapore and do not compromise on the service quality, this rental provider would definitely be the best. You can make your payments online using your credit cards and internet banking options. You will also be provided with P plate car rental services if you are a young driver. The booking process is easy and comes with surprisingly transparent terms and conditions. The executives at the rental company will provide you with all the assistance you need in completing the bookings and other rental formalities.

#3 Seasonal discounts

Aglowcarrental would be a stunning choice if you’re looking for the best budget car hire Singapore. The provider comes up with amazing discounts from time to time. The company gives utmost importance to ensure the happiness of the clients and hence you get to enjoy the best prices from this provider during all times of the year. You will be able to drive around in the most elegant brands of automobiles at the best possible rates in the country if you choose to deal with this rental company. 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

5 Tips for Learning Unfamiliar Roads While Travelling

#1 Do your research

The most important thing to do before setting out on a trip through unfamiliar roads is to gather as much information as possible. If you know the name of the road and the area, you will definitely be able to understand more about the place with the help of the internet. You should search for the quality of the roads and the important things to know while taking the route. You should make use of the popular travel portals and blogs to understand in detail about the road.

#2 Talk to hotel staff

Your hotel staff can also be of great help in understanding about unfamiliar roads. Talk to the hotel staff a day before you set off on your trip through the unfamiliar roads. The hotel staff will definitely know people belonging to the area which will be of immense help in providing you with info related to the road you plan to take.

#3 Understand landmarks

Understanding the key landmarks is a good way of understanding unfamiliar roads. If you are taking the road for the very first time, you might have a difficult time finding your way back. However, if you keep a note of the major landmarks on your way, you will find it easier to understand the road. It will also make your trip through the unfamiliar roads hassle free.

#4 Install GPS navigation systems

If you choosing daily or weekly rent car Singapore from a good provider, you should install GPS navigation system before you drive off from the garage. The best car rental deals in Singapore often come with special offers like GPS navigation systems and parking assist facilities. This will be of great help in familiarizing new roads while traveling. Even if you choose budget car rental Singapore, you will be able to get GPS systems installed without paying hefty amounts of money. This will help you save a lot of money on fuel and will also save your time.

#5 Avoid peak traffic hours

In order to enjoy your trips through unfamiliar roads, it would always be better to avoid peak traffic hours. If you drive through new roads during peak business hours, you will definitely be annoyed behind the wheels. It will make the trip quite uncomfortable. If you avoid the peak hours though, you will be able to enjoy your trip better.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Best Airport Lounge - Top 10 Airport Lounges in the World

#1 Aer Lingus Gold Circle Lounge, London Heathrow

Aer Lingus Gold Circle Lounge, London Heathrow

 With best-in-class facilities that boasts of immaculate luxury options starting from the white oak walls, chaise lounge seating and an amazing range of dry fruits, you will love each and every second spent in this lounge. The lounge is definitely one of the greatest reasons that make Heathrow airport an immensely popular airport in the world!

#2 Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, JFK, New York

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, JFK, New York

With red leather sofas and purple illuminations, the lounge will pamper you during the time spent at the airport. The clubhouse spa is another amazing reason that makes it a hot favorite among travelers.

#3 Qatar Airways Premium Terminal, Doha International Airport

Qatar Airways Premium Terminal, Doha International Airport
You will feel confused when you enter this lounge because it can easily be mistaken for a mall or a hotel within the airport. The facilities are exceptional and you might want to miss your flight just to spend a few extra hours at this amazing lounge once you dive in and experience the fabulous options provided.

#4 The Pier, Hong Kong International Airport

The Pier, Hong Kong International Airport

The Pier lounge in Hong Kong international airport is a wonderful place to de-stress. The scrumptious Japanese noodles served at the lounge is a great reason to choose this lounge during your time spent at the airport. The luxurious leather armchairs, the truly marvelous showers, and the elegant glass of champagne served are other reasons that makes this place a hot favorite.

#5 Finnair Lounge, Helsinki Airport

Finnair Lounge, Helsinki Airport

The innovational ideas brought in to make things easy for travelers is the most attractive part of this lounge. You do not have to look for power plugs to juice up your mobile phones because wireless charging facility is provided. The elegant furniture that helps you enjoy your stay to the core, the delectable range of dishes that is included in the regular buffet, and the elements of sophistication seen all around the place makes it a fabulous lounge!

#6 Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounges, Singapore Changi International Airport

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounges, Singapore Changi International Airport

The Silverkris lounge in Singapore airport will just make your time spent in the Changi international airport all-the-more-special compared to the passengers who do not have access to this place. You will be provided with special care from the friendly staff. You will be escorted to the lounge and then you can simply sit back in the cozy chairs made from true Italian leather and relax. The place is also an excellent option to host business meetings because of the impeccable facilities available.

#7 Lufthansa First Class Lounge, Frankfurt

Lufthansa First Class Lounge, Frankfurt

The amazing ambience of the place provided due to the classy choice of lights and the plush interiors makes this place a fabulous lounge. The personal attention provided to take care of your security checks and the amazing range of products you get to buy makes this one of the best airport lounges in Europe.

#8 La Premiere Lounge, Charles de Gaulle, Paris

 La Premiere Lounge, Charles de Gaulle, Paris

After you lose your baggage to the highly efficient staff who will take care of your needs and proceed to the private check-in space, you will start enjoying some amazing fun options. You will be pampered with spa treatments, served the tastiest dishes, and chauffeured to the plane just in time for the flight! You will definitely feel content and relaxed by the time you board the plane!

#9 Swiss Lounge, EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

Swiss Lounge, EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

With cold and warm buffets, exemplary recliners, and a topnotch bar serving the most popular drinks, you will get to enjoy the luxury of Switzerland the moment you enter this lounge. This is an amazing place that will shower you with chic facilities and provide you with an unforgettable transit experience.

#10 Etihad Arrivals Lounge, Abu Dhabi

Etihad Arrivals Lounge, Abu Dhabi

If you’re traveling alone or even with your family comprising of kids, you will not miss out on the fun options available in this place! The nannies employed by the airline provider will take care of your kids and make sure they have a fabulous time while you are provided with a complimentary spa treatment. You will also have a hard time choosing between the champagne bar and the cigar lounge!