Monday, 14 September 2015

10 Ways to Save on Gas in Rented Car

#1 Choosing a compact car

Choosing a compact car in Singapore will help you to drive through the city roads in a fuel efficient manner. You will be able to avoid shifting gears too many times and navigate easily if the car size is small.

#2 Checking for fuel efficiency

When you hire a car in Singapore, you should check for fuel efficiency without fail. You can get the details from the executives at the rental company. Making a list of fuel efficient cars available in Singapore before approaching the rental company is also a wise thing to do.

#3 Verifying engine condition

You should make sure that the engine of the car you get for rent is of immaculate condition. If you hear abnormal noises when you change gears or apply throttle, the engine might not be of good condition. This might become the reason to burn a lot of fuel.

#4 Checking tire pressure

Make sure that the tire pressure is optimum before driving the vehicle out of the garage. Tire pressure plays a significant role in keeping the fuel economy rates nominal.

#5 Planning your trip well

When you go for budget car hire Singapore, you will be able to keep expenses low only if you keep the fuel expenses low. Plan your trip in advance and avoid unnecessary route changes in order to avoid excess fuel expenses.

#6 Using GPS navigation

You should install GPS navigation system in the car in order to take the shortest routes in the country. You will be able to save a lot of bucks if you do this.

#7 Maintaining fuel economic speeds

Even if you’re traveling with young drivers or experiences drivers, you should maintain fuel economic speeds in order to avoid burning a lot of fuel. Maintaining speeds of 50-70kmph would be ideal in order to keep fuel expenses optimal.

#8 Filling fuel during the evenings

If you fill fuel during the hot humid day hours, you might end up burning a lot of extra fuel in the process. Choose evening hours to fill fuel and make sure that you fill adequate fuel for a day or 2 at least.

#9 Maintaining a safe distance on the road

You should not drive too close to the vehicle in front of you in the city roads and expressways. Applying brakes all of sudden and too many gear shifts in a short period of time can cause excess burning of fuel.

#10 Following the fuel policy

You should follow the fuel policy as stipulated by the rental company in order to avoid excess fuel charges. You should maintain a certain amount of fuel when you return the vehicle in order to avoid fines. 

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