Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tips To Never Run Out Of Fuel With Your Rental Car

#1 Check the fuel efficiency

When you go for car hire Singapore, you should take a look at all the available cars that fall within your price range. You should then talk to the executives to identify the cars that are fuel efficient. Even if you finally decide to hire a car in Singapore that is not fuel efficient, you should not forget to ask the average miles that you can drive per litre of fuel. This will help you to avoid running out of fuel even during the long drives in Singapore.

#2 Keep a check on the trip meter

The trip meter should be checked and values noted or reset before you start off your journey. Even if you are not planning to go on a long drive, the readings on the trip metre will help you to fill adequate fuel. You should make sure that the vehicle you choose from the car rental Singapore has trip meters that are fully functional. Making a note of the readings and filling fuel to travel the distance required will keep you out of trouble when you go for car hire Singapore

#3 Get details about fuel stations

When you plan a trip in Singapore, you might choose the best available vehicle from a car rental Singapore. You should however not forget to get details regarding the fuel stations on your way during each drive. There might be areas where the number of fuel stations would be scarce. It would be safer to fill adequate fuel that will last throughout the trip in order to get back to your destination without any hassle. If you use the GPS navigation systems and maps for your directions when you hire a car in Singapore, you will be able to get the details regarding fuel stations that falls within your route.

#4 Keep checking the fuel gauge

Another important factor that needs to be kept in mind when you make a choice at a car rental Singapore is the fuel gauge. You need to make sure that the car hire Singapore offers vehicles that have fully functional fuel gauges. You should keep a track of the needle on the gauge in order to fill fuel before reaching the empty mark. It would be safe to keep few litres of fuel in reserve all through your trip to enjoy the trip to the fullest! 

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