Monday, 3 August 2015

The documents needed to rent a car in Singapore

#1 International Driving Permit

International Driving Permit

International Driving Permit is unavoidable if you want to drive a car in Singapore. When you go for car rental Singapore, you will have to produce your international driving permit. If you are traveling with a group, at least one of you should possess this document. You can use the permit issued in your home country to rent a car in the country. You should however produce a cover letter translating the contents of the document in English, if it the details are entered in any other language. This document would be required when you go for daily or monthly car hire Singapore.

#2 Passport or other identification proof

Passport or other identification proof
If you are a foreign national visiting the country for leisure or business purposes, you would have to submit your passport and other identification proofs to the Singapore car hire company in order to rent a car of your choice. If you are on a business trip, you can rent the car through your client or customer who is based in the country in order to make the rental process easier. If you’re planning to drive across the border to Malaysia, you should however have your travel documents and identification proofs handy.

#3 Credit Card
Credit Card
Majority of the car rental providers in the country accept credit card payments. There are companies that allow you to make online payments too but credit cards would be the best option to rent a car. This will be of immense help if you forget to place your bookings with a rental company in advance. The credit card is accepted by plenty of rental companies to verify your identity too. the credit card will also take care of your security deposit with ease because the rental companies will be ready to cancel the payment and get you back the money without any hassle if you are choosing short-term rental plans. Even for long-term plans, credit cards would be accepted as a secure payment option by the rental provider over all other options. 

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