Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Car Hire Singapore, What Best Can You Get In This Island Nation

weekly car hire Singapore
The youthful and multiracial community of Singapore has taken this island nation to come a long way after being a sovereign state for almost five decades now. The racial accord and peaceful existence of various ethnic groups in Singapore is an example that has been set for the world to follow. The charming city country now offers a horde of elite opportunities and enjoyment vistas for entrepreneurs and holiday seekers alike. Explore all the stupendous enchantments of Singapore and much more with comfy car hire facilities in the Lion City.

Although the nation is well equipped with au fait public transport facilities, having a hired car at your disposal will give you the leisure to explore and enjoy everything at your own convenience without being on mercy of someone else’s schedule. Best car rental deals in Singapore provide you the convenience of airport pickup and drop, hotel pickup and drop, even at the odd hours of night. Sometimes, it’s more discreet to travel on a rented car for going long distances in order to evade the wear and tear of your personal vehicle. To avail a rented car with self drive facility, drivers must have a full license for a minimum period of two years. If the renter’s license is not printed in Roman script, then an international driver’s license is required to be accompanied with the original domestic license of the driver.

Many people just look for ways to impress their spouse on their wedding day; as such they prefer hiring a limousine to head off towards their new life in style and luxury. There are numerous such occasions that require hiring a rented car; for example, if you are on a business trip and figure out that your stay in Singapore will last some twelve to fourteen days. Under such circumstance, you can take the advantage of weekly car hire Singapore and save up to 30% as compared to the daily rental prices. Round the corner, if you are working on a business project and need a rented car for a period of three to six months or even a year, you can consider opting for monthly car hire Singapore to get the maximum benefit.

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