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Things to know before choosing short term car hire Singapore

Weekly rental car SingaporeIf you want to enjoy your Singapore trip without facing any sort of inconveniences, you would need a personal vehicle to drive you around the country. Now, how to hire a car in Singapore without burning a hole in your pocket? Are there any things that you should know before choosing a short term car hire deal in the country in order to enjoy maximum benefits? Read on to find out.

Preferred car

When you are on a vacation, you would want to enjoy to the fullest. If you have always dreamed about driving a particular car, this might well be the chance. Majority of the car rental companies in the country have a vast fleet of vehicles.  Choose the car from your favorite manufacturer. If the prices seem out of budget, do not give up on choosing it until you compare rates offered by all the reputed rental companies in the country. You might, after all, be able to strike a deal after comparing all possible options.

Reputation of company

This is another factor that would make a huge difference not only in the rates but also in the service quality. You should make sure that the rental company you are dealing with has a sound track record of serving the needs of satisfied customers. Advantage of choosing a reputed company for short term car hire Singapore is the customer helpline services provided. During the rental period if you are faced with any concerns you can get in touch with the help desk executives and solve all sorts of problems related to the vehicle.

Travel needs

Before choosing a vehicle and a rental plan you should consider your travel needs. If you are planning to stay back in the country for certain duration, you should choose a plan accordingly. A weekly rental car Singapore deal will help you to save a lot of money compared to the daily tariffs. There are monthly as well as yearly plans available that you can choose to enjoy the best rates. If you plan to drive across the border, you should mention the same to the rental provider at the time of signing the deal in order to complete the required documentation works.

Fuel efficiency

Be it for long term or short term car hire Singapore, the fuel efficiency of the car you choose will bring in huge differences to the overall costs incurred. You should check the fuel efficiency of the vehicle before signing the deal. Gas prices are always on the high and hence choose vehicles that will not burn too much fuel.

Insurance and other charges

You should not hesitate to pay few extra bucks for the insurance when you go for car rental in any country. If you happen to meet with a road mishap the insurance coverage will take care of the expenses involved during such situations. You should ask for the details regarding the insurance packages offered by the rental company and choose the one that provides best features at an attractive rate.

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