Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What type of insurance should you have while renting a car?

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When you rent a car in Singapore, you would want to choose the best deal for sure. However, do not try to bring down the costs by omitting the insurance coverage. You will have to pay few extra bucks to avail the insurance coverage but it will be the safest thing to do when you are driving in the country. For long and short term car hire Singapore, insurance coverage is mandatory. More importantly, it will keep you safe in case you meet with some kind of road mishaps. Different types of insurance are available in the country.

Full cover insurance is the best option when you rent a car in the country. It is also known as comprehensive coverage and will take care of the expenses incurred in repairing the vehicle in case you meet with an accident. It will also pay for the medical expenses needed in case you are injured during the accident. It will also provide third-party coverage and take care of the expenses involved in getting the damages cleared for the other people who are involved in the road mishap.

Third-party insurance is the minimum coverage required in order to drive a car in the country. When you choose monthly or weekly rental car Singapore, you need to go for this facility. It will pay for the damages caused to the third-party and the vehicle of that person alone and will not pay for damages caused to you or the vehicle you drive. You will have to take care of these expenses separately. The third-party coverage is the cheapest insurance option available and it will be ideal if you need budget car rental Singapore. You need to be extra careful while driving the vehicle with the third-party coverage because all the damages caused to the rented car will have to be repaired using the money from your own pocket.

Third-party coverage is a good option if you want to meet the basic motor rules while driving the country and minimize the expenses. However, the best option is the comprehensive cover because it will leave you at minimum risk while driving a vehicle in the country.


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