Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Why do rental car prices increase when the pickup location is different from the drop off?

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When you get a car for hire in Singapore, you will be provided with different options to make use of the services. If you are placing the reservation for car rental in advance through an online portal, you might be provided with free airport pickups. This will help you to move to the hotel without any time delays. However, some of the rental companies would charge you a nominal amount for providing this service. If the service is charged, you will be provided with airport drop services too. This will help you to return the vehicle after use without incurring any additional charges. However, if the airport transfer facility is not provided with the rental plan, you need to get better clarity from the rental company regarding the pick-up and drop-off. If the drop-off point is different from the pick-up location, you will have to pay extra amounts. The rates would be different based on the distance of the drop-off point from the pick-up point and it would also be dependent on the payment norms of the rental company.

The companies that offer cheap car hire in Singapore will have fixed terms and conditions regarding the pick-up and drop-off locations. Majority of the companies would prefer customers picking up the vehicle from the rental company premises. When you hire a car in Singapore, there will be enough fuel to start off with your drives and you need to fill-in the same amount of fuel when you return the vehicle too. However, if you choose a different drop-off point, the company will have to spend extra money to get back the vehicle. They will have to hire a chauffeur to drive back the vehicle to the garage or get it transported in a truck with other vehicles. This will cost them additional money. This is the key reason behind the hiked price rates when you choose a pickup location different from the drop-off. When you return the vehicle after use, the rental company executives will inspect the vehicle to make sure that no damages are caused. This can be done with ease only if the vehicle is returned to the same location from where it was picked up. When you drop-off the vehicle at a new location, the company authorities will not be able to take the vehicle through a detailed check and hence they will charge you additional amounts for the service.  

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