Saturday, 1 November 2014

Importance of Hari Raya Festival in Singapore

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The Hari Raya festival is celebrated in Singapore with great splendor. After a month long fasting, the Muslims in the country celebrate this festival with great joy and togetherness. This is a festival that is of great religious importance to the Muslims. From dawn till dusk they refrain from having any sort of food. After reciting the evening prayers, they break the fast. Even though the festival of Hari Raya falls after the month of fasting, the festive mood starts during the holy month itself. All the people living in the country and the ones visiting Singapore during this period actively take part in this festival. If you are staying in Singapore during this month, you will need a private vehicle for yourself to experience all the fun. Temporary food stalls and local food joints pop up in the streets during this period and having a personal car will make your trips easier. With the help of a Singapore car hire company you will be able to meet this need with ease.

At the time of Hari Raya Festival, the people who belong to the working class in Singapore, returns to their homes to be with family. It is the time of the year when the Muslims ask for forgiveness from their parents, siblings, teachers and all other elders. It is a festival that brings together all the members of family even if they are staying far apart. This is one of the most beautiful things about this festival. People get back together to celebrate the festival. When you walk through the streets of Singapore, you will come across plenty of happy souls. You will be able to see people spending time together with their families. People go out, shop for their favorite goods during this time, and also enjoy different types of cuisines at the amazing g restaurants in the country. If you do not have a personal vehicle, you should go for cheap car rental in Singapore with the help of a popular rental company in order to celebrate this grand festival without any troubles.

The Hari Raya festival is celebrated in order to make the people understand the difficulties faced by common man. The month long fasting helps the people to realize the importance of food. It is also a month that is fully devoted to prayers and good thoughts. Hence, the festival days that follow after the fasting days is celebrated in a very colorful manner. The streets in Singapore would be filled with plenty of people. There would be a heavy rush at all the happening places in the country. The shopping malls, parks, museums, entertainment zones and restaurants would be filled with plenty of people. Buying new clothes, enjoying tasty delicacies and enjoying time with dear ones are the major things that people engage in during the Hari Raya festival days. You will also be able to enjoy a lot when you travel through the lenghth and breadth of the country during this period. Make an early reservation with a rental company that provides cheap car hire in Singapore, get into your favorite car and travel across the country to witness the celebrations. There is no better time to travel across the island nation, as the Hari Raya festival creates a jolly good mood and brings the country together for celebrations!

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