Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Top Attractive Tourist Spots in Singapore

car rental SingaporeFor many tourists, it would be a wild guess to figure out that the hustling and bustling cosmopolitan of today, Singapore made a humble start as a tranquil fishing village. Today, it ranks among one of the top five richest nations of the world in terms of GDP per capita. Millions of visitors flock this island nation to witness its grandeur and plenty of tourist attractions it offers. A curious tourist has varied options to explore in this great destination. If you want to assimilate the real pleasure of your visit, utilize the services of car rental Singapore to discover the enormity of fun filled activities and sheerness of joy travelling to numerous sightseeing locations in this country consisting of over 60 islands.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Located in the heart of Singapore, it is welcome retreat for visitors as well as locals. Find a peaceful and soothing escape from hustle and bustle of the city amidst abundance of trees in an amalgamation of rainforest, lawns and pools, shrubs and beautiful flowers. The National Orchid collection, a subsidiary of the garden, boasts of having a thousand orchid species and some two thousand hybrids.

Sentosa Island

Your Singapore visit is incomplete without a trip to the Sentosa Island. Ask your car for hire in Singapore for a stopover at this amazing resort that consists of beaches, amusement parks, the largest marine park of the world, the Universal Studios theme park, casinos, historic forts, nature walks and some very amazing food that confers an opportunity to relish upon some exquisite Chinese, French, Italian, Australian and Japanese delicacies. Prolific shopping and some excellent entertainment are the prime attractions of this destination.

Singapore Zoo and the Jungle Safari

There are many companies offering short term car rental Singapore that can be leveraged to visit the Singapore zoo featuring world’s largest collection of orangutans and shows illustrating rainforests fight back; other demonstrations include elephants at work and play. The night safari ride is full of excitement, and you can explore the attractions rainforest presents at dusk; get the privilege to enjoy tribal performances. A personal tour guide accompanies you and your group to share the insights of the park and its inhabitants. Observe leopards, Malayan flying foxes and giant flying squirrels in close proximity.

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